Enclosed Auto Transport/Exotic Car Carriers

These two terms often go hand-in-hand because most exotic autos are shipped in enclosed auto transports to avoid any possibility of damage during transit. Enclosed transport may also be used for non-exotics of course, in cases where the owner is just as anxious as the exotic owner to prevent damage to a prized vehicle.

As you might expect, there’s a good reason why auto owners elect to go the route of using an enclosed auto transport. Because they provide extra levels of security and protection, enclosed transports represent peace of mind to the owner of an exotic auto being shipped.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed auto transport companies are specially equipped to provide the safest, most reliable shipment of special vehicles between almost any two points in the country, whether shipment is terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door. This means that a vehicle is protected against any kind of flying material, any weather encountered during transit, and even any dust that might settle on a vehicle if it were left out in the open air.

Exotic car carriers that have been in business awhile and have maintained high standards of excellence can only remain in business by continuing to operate at high levels of performance. Special care and handling are necessary pretty much from start to finish where exotic cars are involved, and carriers that manage to thrive do so because they have provided reliability, experience, and a reputation earned from years of satisfying customers.

Insurance is another area that will probably be different between exotic car carriers and shippers of standard vehicles. Most exotic transport companies carry high levels of insurance to guard against the unthinkable disaster that might happen, and while no one wants to consider disasters for long, it’s nice to know that coverage is there should it be needed.

Of course there are lots of exotic auto carriers out there to choose from, and almost all of them will offer enclosed auto transport service, so it might seem tricky to have to choose one from among all those claims of great service and quality. But there are a couple things that might help to differentiate the really good ones and make that decision a little easier.

Most likely, cost is not going to be the decisive factor in anyone’s choice of exotic auto carrier – if you own one of these vehicles in the first place, you can probably afford to ship it and provide for the safest possible transport.

So maybe the number one factor in selecting the right shipper for your exotic auto transport should be the company’s reputation for experience and reliability. When a company has demonstrated over a long period of time that they understand the customer’s needs as well as the demands of safe transit, that just may be the single best recommendation to any customer.

Look for an exotic auto carrier that’s been doing it right for a long time – you’ll feel a lot better about entrusting your prized automobile to a transport company like that.



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