Owning a rare, exotic, or classic automobile represents a considerable investment and a more than keen interest in special automobiles. When the need arises to transport such a special vehicle, any owner is going to want to be absolutely sure that the vehicle arrives in perfect condition at its destination point.

The experts at Exotic Auto Transport understand this, and have invested their years of experience and attention to detail into every aspect of transporting your vehicle safely right from your doorstep to the residence, car show, or maybe the race at the other end of the journey.

Exotic Vehicle Transport

Exotic Vehicle Transport


Even though open transport vehicles are perfectly safe for all vehicles in just about all cases, it is still recommended that a high-end vehicle like your rare auto be shipped in an enclosed transport. Being enclosed ensures that the one-in-a-million chance of a flying pebble is eliminated when transporting your vehicle, and that nothing can touch it during transport.

For additional peace of mind, your exotic car will be insured by Exotic Auto Transport – we take the worry out of transporting your investment and leave you free to concentrate on other things. We employ reliable drivers who are well-trained in their profession, and who understand that they have been entrusted with property that is very special to someone.


We can transport almost any type of rare or exotic vehicle, and still handle it with ‘kid glove’ treatment. Assuming the vehicle is still operational, it can be driven on and off our transport vehicles; if non-operational, it can still be shipped, but it may be necessary to have some kind of mechanized fork lift at both origin and destination.

If the vehicle is of a non-standard size, or has had extensive customizations made, just let us know that in advance, so we can customize the shipping process.

Antique Auto Shipping

Antique Auto Shipping




How soon your vehicle can be picked up and shipped may depend on your location to some extent, especially if you are in a somewhat remote location where a special trip would have to be scheduled. If you live in an urban area where our transport vehicles routinely make pickups, scheduling a shipment can be arranged fairly quickly.


We service practically all locations in the continental U.S., so wherever it is you have in mind, chances are we go there. If you have any questions about possible destinations, please do contact us and talk to one of our shipping consultants.




As soon as you know that your rare or exotic vehicle will have to be transported somewhere in the U.S., you should contact our transport experts at Exotic Auto Transport by filling out the form on the right hand side of the page or give us a call. Don’t let a move like this cause you any dread or anxiety when all that can be handled by professionals who make a living by removing the worry. You might find a carrier who gives you a quote for a few dollars less, but you won’t find anyone more dedicated to providing worry-free transport of your special vehicle.





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